The mission of the Evacuation Chair Project is to provide increased accessibility to emergency equipment for all who need it. Emergencies happen a lot of times, so we want to make sure that those who care about the wellbeing of people with mobility difficulties, among them tenants, employees, students, parents and grandparents, customers, patients etc., are supported in their quest to acquire the necessary equipment that will make it possible to help those who can't help themselves in emergency situations.

We achieve this by selling durable products that cater for all markets i.e. low budget, middle budget and upmarket. We sale to property owners, property managers, tenants, resellers/contractors in all sectors of the economy.


The Evacuation Chair Project™ is an initiative of M.R. Engineering Pty Ltd, a private company registered in South Africa.

We invite you to try our products because you will never regret. Our service is great and we strive to keep our word with regards to timely deliveries and honesty in all our dealings. 


We look forward to linking up with you soon as you go about looking for the best source of evacuation equipment.